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Call for Submissions

“Men don’t understand women, but at least they know it.
Women don’t understand men, but they don’t know it.”
Gail Sheehy, author of Passages

Heart of a Man, a book anthology of men's writings that will hopefully help women better understand who men are, will be published by Vineyards Press in 2017.

A Talk w/ The Man

I have my first talk with a lawyer, ... with The Lawyer, which turns a page in this story.

Remembering Bill Keith

A remembrance of pioneering banjo-man Bill Keith

Jesus Loves His Mandolin Player-Chap. 4

A blog about notorious mando-man, Frank Wakefield.

Dionne Sings - Chapter 3

On my 21st birthday, in 1966, Dionne Warwick came to play Penn State University.

Dylan Plays Philly - Chapter 2

A blog about Bob Dylan's effect on the American folk music scene.

Mary, ... Peter & Paul - Chapter 1

Someone challenged me to blog every chapter in my book, Acoustic Stories. Said I couldn’t do it. That’s a motivator right there. The book’s first chapter is about playing bass with Peter, Paul & Mary.

Passions of a Man - a turning point

A big turn in the road for my anthology, Passions of a Man. I handed the manuscript, all 100,000 words of it, to an editor for a read-through. To this point, only my wife and I have read the book.

I asked this editor, I'll call her S.B., to read the manuscript and tell me if the book delivers on its Introduction, which promises that women will better understand Who Men Are after reading the book. So, a big project off my desk and onto another's for evaluation, a critical evaluation. A big turning point in the book's life.

Rejecting Submissions

A blog on the travails of rejecting submissions, and how to deal with rejection slips.

Passions of a Man: the Call for Submissions ends

Nov 7, 2014 blog by Bill Amatneek at FullTitlePage
A recent draft of the Full Title Page, a 2-page spread featuring a Eugene Karlin ink drawing that will appear here and on book’s front cover


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